YOU magazine: subs

Thursday was spent with the sub editing team of YOU magazine, they are responsible for proof reading and correcting all articles and text that is featured within the magazine. My first editing task featured the crossword and horoscopes. I had to fill in the crossword (which is a lot harder than it sounds when the clues are cryptic) and spell check the horoscopes.

The second task involved creating headlines and sub text for an June photo shoot featuring a model dressed in white luxurious clothes on a cruise liner. Titles included cruise muse, liner luxe, cote couture and cruise couture.

The second shoot involved a trend review of fashion to wear in the city vs fashion to wear on the beach, my suggestions included beach retreat vs city escape, beach breeze vs city chic, palm paradise vs concrete jungle and beach break vs city make.

During the afternoon i attended the picture review which featured all the photo shoots and articles photos that had been shot that week for the editor to crit and select her favourite ones as well as the magazine review for the up and coming four issues and planning the foundations of the fifth. This was a good insight into how a magazine runs and how the different groups come together