There's no place like home...

Just the other day i was talking about jellies- the shoes that is. And how if i could, i would. I had a pair of glittery heeled red ones in school and i loved walking about in them when i got home until i went to bed and now my grown up dream has come true and Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with the creators of the jellied shoe,  Melissa, to put a unique spin on her new collection footwear, what a great idea for a collaboration. 

Draw In Light

Draw In Light print with free hand silk techniques with their motto 'everything is unique' that is certainly the case. Elegant, minimal, raw, smart, understated are some words that spring to mind and i don't know what attracts me to these garments but i can't stop looking through their collection, all there collections aren't as sombre, their recent 'bleached' collection boasts pastel colours mixed, tie and dip dyed into beautiful works of art that are pure and unedited, i do happen to like how much film plays a part in their promotion as well. 


I came across this advertisement for the french lifestyle magazine, Jalouse at university when we were discussing viral videos, this being a successful one. The irony of this is that it is mocking everything bad and the norm of viral videos this day, this Matthew Frost piece has got to be my favourite. If irony is the way forward for advertisers on limited budgets and large coverage then we should all look to Jalouse- jealous?