Presenting Fumble a Nottingham Trent Fashion, Communication and Promotion Jumble sale/ Dj/ BBQ/  prize event to brighten up your afternoon at Rescue Rooms on the 26th April, As part of our course we have to raise money for our final year degree show... 
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Mary K

From the invitation speculation arose to how the crayola crayons would influence the show and did not disappoint. To simply put it Mary Katrantzou took the utterly ordinary and made it into extraordinary fashion. With spoons, coat hangers, typewriters, watches and garden mazes taking centre stage, it was actually hard to remember what the prints were made up of! The colour spectrum went from neutrals and greys to primary blues, reds and yellows with added crystal details here it was overall polished and artistic. 


With the hustle of everyone arriving to their seats, i didn't quite no what to expect, but when the lights dropped and silence fell... Holly Fulton began. 
We're in for a colourful winter... says the HF collection, that i was lucky enough to see at London Fashion Week for the Autumn/ Winter 2012 season. With colour scheme starting off hot pink and slowly moving into a contrasting turquoise, I couldn't quite decide which I liked more. With art deco and the botanical gardens as inspiration, the bird cage and flamingo details were great to look at and left me wanting all of these garments below, whether i can afford them or have any occasions to wear them is another matter...
For daytime there was a lot of smart tailored trousers and jackets, yet no outfit was complete without a pair of chandelier earrings. The show ended with an embellished gold overtop and I wasn't ready for it to end. According to the show notes its all about 'The lady of the Manor' whose after the gardener, and i'm sure when wearing any of the dresses she would succeed.. 


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Newgen 10

At London Fashion Week i couldn't resist the pull of the Topshop ice cream van selling the Newgen 10 years, celebrating Topshop supporting ten years of British talent at London Fashion Week. With 20 limited edition designs from past Newgen recipients. With designs from Gareth Pugh, Erdem, Peter Jenson, J W Anderson, Marios Schwab and Emma Cook to name but a few I had huge difficulty deciding on my purchase. 
But I finally settled on a Mary Katrantzou flower layered print tee, that probably wear a little too much... With each designer tee coming with a card and designer facts, not only does the money go to charity, it kind of feels like a bit of a collection piece. Totally justified. 

The 'Del Ray'

It must be quite something to have a bag named after, and not just any bag. Brit heritage and brand Mulberry have decided to use Lana Del Ray as their newest muse after being captivated by her voice. The 'Del Ray' comes in five colours with Lana herself showcasing the white ostrich version at their Autumn/Winter 2012 show earlier this month at London Fashion Week. 



Trying to narrow my photos down for Berlin was hard, highlights include Premium, Bread and Butter, Berlin Fashion Week, Alternative Tour, Jewish Memorial, the TV Tower and attempting to walk to the top of Reichstag. With so many things to talk about it is going to take a while for me to finish my list of things to blog about... 

Bread and Butter, Berlin

Having never visited a trade show i didn't quite know what to expect but i was promised big things. With VM inspiration around every corner i don't think i could describe them better than the photographs themselves. With each brand in competition with one another to attract the press and buyer attention ice rinks, night clubs, photo booths and cocktails were the norm, with some brands pulling out all the stops and creating their garments in front of your very eyes. Highly recommended.


Sebastian Ellrich at Berlin Fashion Week

A recent trip to Berlin was where i discovered Sebastian Ellrich's designs, they stood out from the rest in Premium's Young Talent section, not only because of his colourful designs, but for there versatility and adaptability. Designs include reversible materials, hoods and sleeves, as well as changing the lengths and shape of dresses or skirts, you choose the collection probably has it in some variety. 

When invited to the 'fashion installation' i didn't quite know what to expect and would of liked a catwalk but it did not disappoint. With each room showcasing a different scenario of models and environments it was not only interesting but inspiring, with the last room allowing the guests to walk in and out of the models pacing the room it really was something i had never experienced or heard about before. Ellrich is coming over to the UK very soon and i think his designs will fit in just nicely with Spring/Summer sport trends... 

Just one of those things...

This is an article i have recently wrote for @trendboutique, Nottingham. I've always wanted to improve my writing so i guess i have to start somewhere and i've heard practise makes perfect... 

I walk into a disused second floor warehouse, in the middle of Alexanderplatz, an up and coming fashion and cultural district in central Mitte Berlin. It is a cold January and walking up the various floors with the surge of fashionable people, I hit Mercedes Benz fashion week… Sebastian Ellrich style.

Working originally as a stage costume designer for opera, theater, and film. The native of Magdeburg, Germany, now displays his talent on a different kind of stage: the young designer sends his models down the runway in extravagant fashion. No two designs are the same, but the combination of athletic elements such as reversible hoods and elastic bands with classic touches is always an eye-catcher.

I originally met the Designer a few days earlier at Premium tradeshow, in the young talent section, a place for up and coming designers to be awarded prestigious prizes with the ultimate opportunity to showcase at fashion week. Ellrich had one the ‘Best newcomer’ prize last year and showcased his first collection in August and now has been recalled for his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection entitled ‘Just one of those things’.

As soon as I saw his designs I was drawn to the garments full of colour and his staple grey tailored pieces. ‘It is all about contrast’ says Ellrich, ‘I like to give my customers the option of customising their own clothes, all my collections are made to be worn, of high quality materials that are durable and fashionable. Hoods can be taken off and put back on, coats can be reversed for a different look, skirts can be adapted for a high-waisted occasion to a layered mini and lets not forgot that all designs can be made to order with colour preferences’. Ellrich doesn’t do things by halves. When I was invited to his show I couldn’t miss the opportunity and was told it was something not to be missed.

When I arrived to the second floor the concrete structure was transformed into a out of the ordinary catwalk installation. Being greeted in a smoke filled room with mystical models in raincoats twirling umbrellas everyone was intrigued. Walking around the circular complex and peering into the different rooms manikins were transformed into models full of energy and enthusiasm. One room showcased a couple fine dining in eveningwear, whilst another shows models jiving to a piano player, one showcased a rollerblader collaging on a wall and another with a group posing and slouching on a brick wall.

The finale room featured fiveteen models walking backwards and forwards through the width of the room with the guests walking in-between for a more close up look. With all the models coming together for a catwalk show at the end, the tailored, resistant and timeless nature of Ellrich’s designs are apparent. With the Cole Porter classic ‘Just one of those things’ being played it was the perfect end to the show. Ellrich is hoping to bring his designs to the UK and I think they will fit in perfectly in the London high fashion ready-to-wear crowd. Mercedes Benz label him the one to watch, Ellrich is something not to be missed…

Nick Knight for Topshop

2012 marks the anniversary of ten years for Topshop supporting British design talent at London Fashion Week. Created by Nick and Knight and staring Karlie Klass the film showcases who Topshop have worked with over the last ten years. For me this reminds me of London Fashion Week where it couldn't of been played more times in between the live catwalk streams in the show space, bring on September...