YOU magazine: features

Features focuses on different interviews, press events and trends specific to every issue. It roughly takes up a third of the magazine. The first task i was set was to research the rumours for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a talent festival featuring thousands of signed and unsigned acts for the up and coming press day.

Secondly, i was assigned British actress Olivia Williams as an interview preparation task, string in films such as The Postman, Sixth Sense and Friends, Brit actress is now an established brand in her own right here in the UK after ditching Hollywood for more local projects such as Playhouse Presents. The task involved fully researching her life, researching previous interviews and what worked and didn't work as well as taking note of interesting questions and responses. This was then inspired to create a number of questions and put in a logical order including career, relevant projects old and new, family life and love. 

My afternoon task involved reading through the application forms for YOUs latest competition. In collaboration with Breast Cancer Awareness YOU were asking for people to submit entries for people that have survived or are currently battling the disease. I shortlisted the applications that ere in their hundreds and then spent the afternoon typing out and getting the editor to sign letters of condolence to unsuccessful applications, but thanking them for taking part and making them aware of the strong competition.