Loving this street style find on Tumblr 

Ring fingers

I don't know why i'm liking rings for the first time ever right now but i would love to get a bit of a collection, slight problem is the fact that they'd probably instantly drop off my small hands!


Collage me

After talking a lot recently about postmodern influences on fashion communication and promotion i came across this collage on Tumblr and really loved it, reblogged from tastefully random, i love the composition of the faces against the full figure below. Playing with scale and texture and form is all about what this collage is about and i am defiantly storing this is  my fashion communication memory bank because this is something easily done, yet so innovative and inspiring. 

H&M Spring Summer 12'

Literally loving H&M's Spring/ Summer 2012. I honestly have never really been much on a fan, but i am actually in love with the neon dress and lilac lace, bang on trend and i would literally love them forever if i could get my hands on them.
The collection awakens the urban life, with modern cuts and electric shades and despite innovative dynamism the collection is an explosion of felinity and romance. But what appeals to me is that it embodies the mood yet doesn't flash florals patterns everywhere as the obvious route. The collection combines straight lines, edgy, with specific curves romance of the 60s, sometimes sprinkling a little grunge. 
Yes H&M you've defiantly pulled me in this time... 



Susie Wright 'Stag' is everything i like about illustration. First of all it looks like a piece of sketched art work and has a hand made quality about it, which adds to the whole 'work of art' title i am going to give it, because sometimes these computerised illustrations, however good they may be, don't quite make me feel like t has taken time, dedication and concentration to produce. Inspiring. Next time i have to create i have to create a piece of personalised art, i am defiantly going to refer to this technique...

In bloom

With everyone going crazy with skulls right about now i thought it was appropriate to show you all one of my favourite illustrations around this topic. 'In Bloom' is an illustration created by Matthew Kaven Brooks, i really love a lot of things about it. I love the composition on the page for a start, the very subtle frame in the background, just blending in with the grey dullish tones of the page. I love the visual contrast between the left half of the colourful skull and the monotone environment of the right. I love the little hidden touches of be it, butterflies or puppets and the attention to detail that has been created with the scribbles and hard long sketch lines across the page. Yes, basically when it come to skulls this is my favourite. Because well, truthfully, i'm not the biggest an if it hasn't got a few flowers on...

Christopher Clutches

So practical. So iconic. So in love. Prices start from £385, possibly a little bit too pricey for a trip down to town. Although i don't like how much the high street copy designer, Please Topshop bring out a alternative- cheaper style. Just this once its allowed. Its been confirmed, yes, these have been inspired by school pencil cases, something that i defiantly had, these liquid filled clutches are both fun and nostalgic. The perfect example of how this postmodernist culture of ours excepts design have no boundaries, that things don't always have to be practical and yes we can have fun accessories that aren't fully on trend. These types of design create trends. I want one. You want one. And i'm sure pretty much every fashion lover in the world like the idea of carrying on of these around... 

Pastel Lips

Loving the pastel lips that are so on trend right now. I remember when i was younger i always got told that lipstick and nail varnish have to match your skin tone. Yes, very nineteen-fivties housewife. But now, well, look at the array of colours available on the make-up counter today everything from the deepest darkest reds that they are almost black to purples and lilacs. Yesterday i purchased a lipstick called 'Palma Violet' Palma Violet? Yes, as in the sweets, make-up shopping has turned into a sweet shop, and yes i want to see more.... 

Vogue December 2009

Viktoriya Sasonkina & Karlie Kloss - Vogue by Patrick Demarchelier,
To put it simply, I love this shoot. I love the composition that seemed so natural, the poses of the models, the hair colours that are so vibrant and slightly off tones like candyfloss! I love the contrast against the dull tones in the background. Although this was shot in 2009, i'm really interested in the fact that these type of trends come around again and again, think now with the pastel liptones, the Victor & Rolf cheek paint. I want a bold fashion statement, well, not too bold... 

Metallic masterpiece

Loving the metallic colour combination on this hand, adding to the look with a ring really seals the it into place. Am defiantly going to be experimenting with this over Winter with my pale skin, possibly trying out a gold with accessories, Nail art really inspires me right now like never before...

Feline frenzy?

It is no secret like i am a bit of a cat fan. I've always been like this since i was little, may be a bit of a boring animal to be a fan of but well i am. Gotta say a short but sweet mention to these Charlotte Olympia's Fall 2011 collection, these velvets are available as pumps, flats, sky high heels and even wedges. And the feline footwear comes in black, red and leopard print. I defiantly wouldn't mind a pair of these on my Christmas list. So does this mean being a crazy cat women doesn't automatically make me a total freak?



After about a hundred hours of being confused by a very pre-historic five year blogger account i finally found the button to take it into 2011 and well... everything made more sense and it was so much easier. You might say, well obviously, but at the time it really wasn't!
So here is the first post of my first ever proper blog- digital-wonderland (I thought it was about time).
Taken inspiration from my name Alice and self expression, i thought it fitted with 'digital' accordingly.

I am going to split my blog up by labels into these main categories of inspiration-  
I've seen the word digital so many times i'm not even convinced its a word anymore, but you get the idea... 

we found love

‘It’s all about love and love being like a drug… you definitely get that from this. The good feeling of it and the dangers of it. That’s what this video is about.' Rihanna. 

I have got to admit, this summer has defiantly being a bonding session for me and Rihanna, after being blown away at V Festival by her stage presence, styling and performance i have kept an eye out for the singers new song, which after all the controversy in the newspapers about an irish farmers outrage that the singer (whilst shooting this very video) was topless in his yard, i was wondering what the results would be. 

And well i wasn't disappointed, the chemistry and 'skins-like' scenes of drugs, sizzling lust and gritty anger defiantly got the seal of approval from, well everyone.... 
she just keeps getting better and better. 
Totally found love in Rihanna this time around....