YOU magazine: picture desk

My Tuesday at YOU involved working at the picture desk. With a magazine photographs are either taken by the YOU team and their freelance photographers to produce a personal shot to the article or photographs are sourced from image databases such as REX or IDS. 

The first task i was assigned was to find out all the picture credits that were in the next issue of the magazine, that involved going through the image only copy of the magazine and found it on IDS, when selecting the image it is brought up in high resolution and provides the name of the provider and any copyright infringement i then created a database and sent this to the layout team to put together with the images. 

The next task that as given to me was to collect photos of celebrities that were needed for a up and coming skincare article, celebrities tweeted their skincare routines and then they were published within the article and advertised in collaboration with the brands. Recent celebrity faces were found on photo databases and high resolution images were ordered to feature in the magazine. PMS was used to store files within a folder. 

I then archived the products sent to us by the brands featured that need to be photographed and scanned though the copy to see if any were missing. I then had to contact the PR agencies such as Nivea, Tom Ford, bare minerals and YSL and request the products to be sent. I then had to do the same with fragrance brands for an up and coming fragrance article.