YOU magazine: fashion editorial

This week i have managed to get some work experience at YOU magazine, which for those who don't know it is the supplement given out within the Mail on Sunday, weekly. With only five days at the magazine, each day i am shown a different aspect of the company/ production of the magazine. Day one was within the fashion editorial section which is made up of 6 individuals. 

The first task i was given at YOU was to read all the weekend newspapers and supplements available to analyse the current newspaper and magazine market and current issue of interest. I had to cut out relevant articles and all fashion articles and report these to the editor along with my findings. 

I then began to archive the last year of YOU magazines, by categories including front cover, fashion shoot and regular features. It was interesting to see how the team come up with the topics weeks in advance and suit it to the mood of the moment or season. May included tropical prints, monochrome, pastel and of course, jubilee. 

My next task was to go through the future features and label all the brands of the clothes that were features. The next step was to search through design directory to contact the relevant PR agencies (either in-house or agency) and ring up on behalf of the magazine and ask for the stockist details and name so this can be published within the magazine so readers can purchase the clothes that are seen with ease.

[spent lunch in the hyde park heat.. this is the life]

The next task was probably the most stereotypical of the fashion magazine- the clothes cupboard. My task was to distribute and wrap up the garments that had been used previously for photo shoots and send them back. The first task that was involved was to find the relevant distribution archive sheet for the bag of clothes. The clothes were then taken and out and matched to the items on the list and archived on the YOU magazine sheet for personal reference, half was given back to the brand along with a disclaimer sheet and half was kept for the YOU records. Everything was folded and packaged neatly and brand directory was used to find the relevant PR addresses of the brands, along with a letter.