Sebastian Ellrich at Berlin Fashion Week

A recent trip to Berlin was where i discovered Sebastian Ellrich's designs, they stood out from the rest in Premium's Young Talent section, not only because of his colourful designs, but for there versatility and adaptability. Designs include reversible materials, hoods and sleeves, as well as changing the lengths and shape of dresses or skirts, you choose the collection probably has it in some variety. 

When invited to the 'fashion installation' i didn't quite know what to expect and would of liked a catwalk but it did not disappoint. With each room showcasing a different scenario of models and environments it was not only interesting but inspiring, with the last room allowing the guests to walk in and out of the models pacing the room it really was something i had never experienced or heard about before. Ellrich is coming over to the UK very soon and i think his designs will fit in just nicely with Spring/Summer sport trends...