With the hustle of everyone arriving to their seats, i didn't quite no what to expect, but when the lights dropped and silence fell... Holly Fulton began. 
We're in for a colourful winter... says the HF collection, that i was lucky enough to see at London Fashion Week for the Autumn/ Winter 2012 season. With colour scheme starting off hot pink and slowly moving into a contrasting turquoise, I couldn't quite decide which I liked more. With art deco and the botanical gardens as inspiration, the bird cage and flamingo details were great to look at and left me wanting all of these garments below, whether i can afford them or have any occasions to wear them is another matter...
For daytime there was a lot of smart tailored trousers and jackets, yet no outfit was complete without a pair of chandelier earrings. The show ended with an embellished gold overtop and I wasn't ready for it to end. According to the show notes its all about 'The lady of the Manor' whose after the gardener, and i'm sure when wearing any of the dresses she would succeed..